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I’ve been slacking off about posting lately. Sure I’m busy but once I slack off blogging a bit, it gets harder to post. It’s a spur of the moment thing for me. If I don’t post about something soon, it gets old.

Anyhoo… what was I doing last? Plugging away at my to-do list. I’m still doing that but I keep adding more to it, so it’s not really shortening. At least it’s not really growing.

Husband and I took a break this past weekend for date night and went to one of his childhood friend’s birthday. Charlie’s birthdays (not his real name) are always a lot of fun because you never know who’s going to be there. Plus there’s great food, my favorite part!! Anyway, a few news anchors were there, I only recognized one woman anchor. And an actress on a soap opera was there. There was a few other young actors I don’t recognize (I don’t watch much TV anymore – no cable anyway). Woohoo! It’s just exciting to me for no reason. I don’t really talk to them, I just casually glance in their direction. Imagine how excited I’d be if let’s say Keanu Reeves or someone huge was there. hahaha.

It’s been so long since hubby and I were out semi-late alone. Too bad we had to leave slightly early. Traffic is always terrible leaving/coming into LA even at 10:30pm, plus we didn’t want to make my mom babysit too long.

Anyway…. back to normal life 🙂


I’ve heard of for a long time now and I just recently joined. I suppose it’s a FREE way to get some traffic. I was afraid that I’d be bombarded with ’empty’ hits but it’s not that bad. I’m still playing around with it and figuring it out but it seems like a nice network option or time waster 🙂

Speaking of time wasters, we don’t have cable anymore. Poof it’s gone. Oh well it was a freebie anyway. Cableman forgot to put a filter on or something because one day we had cable, and we weren’t going to tell them to disconnect 8-). They must’ve caught on because it went the way it came… suddenly. Bad timing too. The fall season of Grey’s Anatomy is going to start soon. I’m okay with not able to see reality tv shows because I can look them up on the net… but it’s not the same with a tv drama. Darn. Boo!

There’s a new blog named Asian Buzz that showcases businesses run by Asians or neat Asian-inspired products, resources, events, etc. It’s really for everybody so stop by when you get a chance.

I was asked to be a contributor by Lilie from APlanet4Creation. Thanks Lilie! I just wrote my first post on Asian Buzz about TwinkieChan. She makes the coolest food-inspired scarves ever! See? (photo is from TwinkieChan’s gallery)

I’ll be on the lookout for neat designers, etc to contribute over at Asian Buzz. Does this mean I can even sneak in a Keanu Reeves post just once? LOL.