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There’s a new blog named Asian Buzz that showcases businesses run by Asians or neat Asian-inspired products, resources, events, etc. It’s really for everybody so stop by when you get a chance.

I was asked to be a contributor by Lilie from APlanet4Creation. Thanks Lilie! I just wrote my first post on Asian Buzz about TwinkieChan. She makes the coolest food-inspired scarves ever! See? (photo is from TwinkieChan’s gallery)

I’ll be on the lookout for neat designers, etc to contribute over at Asian Buzz. Does this mean I can even sneak in a Keanu Reeves post just once? LOL.


My baby’s 1st birthday was yesterday. Both sets of grandparents, some more family came and so did 6 of our friends who have no kids. I sure hope one of the couples decide to have kids, then they’ll really know what it’s like. heehee They don’t realize until they have one. And babysitting is not the same. My husband loves telling “Jackus” couple about things that baby does to gross them out. Anyway, the bday party was really fun… we celebrated with baby’s cousin since she is only few days younger. They both got to mush cupcakes. Cousin likes sweets but oddly the sweetness made Baby want to gag. Anyway, glad it’s over with since I’ve been fighting this headcold I caught from husband. I hope baby doesn’t catch it.

I’m glad we didn’t go to the beach today with husband’s parents. I think that would make my nose worse.

Instead, I’m motivating myself to do freelance job. Oh boy, I get to work with teeny tiny gifs that customer of client provides with a “beautiful” logo done in Word. Nice. Hmm and they have no text or content. Ooooh even better. I’ll just end up doing my own thing, I’d go nuts fiddling around with micro gifs. That’s what I do… try to turn poop into chocolate.

I’ll do cards later on tonight. Haven’t stayed up too late with this headcold plus I don’t want to husband’s parents to think I’m a nut always behind computer. If it wasn’t for this cold, I’d be feeling refreshed with getting to bed ealier the past few nights. I’ll make it a goal of going to bed 2 times a week by 11:30.