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mmkay… so I took longer than 1 or 2 days to post some goals. 🙂 It’s still January. Last year I didn’t post my goals till near February. Speaking of last year, this years goals will be similar to last, at least on the personal side. Anyhoo… here it is:

1. Re-do my website: I haven’t updated my website because I find the task daunting. I need a proper shopping cart where I can basically upload. Hopefully I can handle that much!
2. Find 1 or 2 more GOOD reps, emphasis on good. It’s possible to have reps that sell nothing the entire year. Sigh.
3. Concentrate on selling on website again. It would greatly help once goal #1 happens.
4. Make to-do lists everyday – this helps me so much, I don’t know why I only do it when I’m overwhelmed.
5. Etsy – maybe. I have an account, just have never done anything with it. 

1. Sleep earlier – my son is sleeping thru the night. FINALLY. He only wakes up once every night. That means I’m actually getting some sleep but I need to be less of a night owl.
2. Exercise – started yoga once a week but need to add some kind of cardio.
3. Dress up more – this is part of my ongoing makeover/getting back to life thing
4. Declutter & organize the house – little by little, this will happen.
5. Make some Vietnamese food – you’d think I’d learn from my mom. I don’t do well with “a pinch of this, a glob of that”. I need written recipes!
6. Do some art. Maybe this should go under “business” goals. I’ve been wanting to do block prints FOREVER. But I haven’t found the time and I’m afraid.

There’s tons of other sub-goals but why overwhelm myself with a long list. 

Overall, I want to figure out how to work smarter, not harder.


Have I really been away so long? I thought my last post was in August, but apparently it was way back in May! I started twittering so I just neglected the blog. (As it turns out, I don’t Twitter that much either. LOL) I am embarrassed to say I forgot where to log in and it took me 2 minutes before I figured it out. hehe

Anyway, I want to post some resolutions for the new year in the next day or so. When I write it down, it encourages me to stick to it a bit.