I swear I’ve done one of these before… here it is: tagged 2006. Below is 7 random things… the old one is 6 random things. Slight difference. heehee

Okay, Lilie from A Planet 4 Creation here is my NEW πŸ™‚ list of 7 random/weird things:

1. I like the smell of gasoline and rubber cement, but I know better not to sniff them.

2. When I watch a movie that’s just baaaaaad… I watch it till the end hoping it’ll get good. 99% of the time, it doesn’t get any better. I must think I invested x amount of time into it, it’s got to get better. I should learn to cut my losses. LOL

3. I’m not a big meat eater, so carbs are my friend.

4. I’m pretty adamant about recycling which drives my husband nuts.

5. I admit parenthood is a very grinding job. When someone tells you it’s not easy. Believe them. hehe

6. I just bought a $10 stapler and still getting over how nice it staples compared to the one I “inherited” from one of my old employment places.

7. I like to eat powdered milk, dry.