It still doesn’t feel like 2008 yet even though February is only days away. I think I’m at the last leg of this nasty cold we all have. At least this one was short with a couple days of high fever. The last time we were sick it went from end of October to end of Thanksgiving. I think Little J got sick again in December. It was 3 months of sick and I’m so over it.

I’ve done what felt to be like tons and tons of sample decks. Just when I thought I was done, “can we get 2 more?” At least it gave me a taste of what it’s like if I had tons of orders. It also made me think of designing cards that are a little less labor intensive.

So what’s up for 2008? After being sick so long/often, I decided this year is going to be about me. I’ve kind of put life on hold and neglected myself past few years. Now that Little J is 3.5, maybe it’s time the parents get their life back.

• sleep – hopefully I can get more than 2-3 hours at a time. Little J is starting to sleep thru the night. Yep, I get woken up 1-3 times, every single night.
• exercise – i did it twice last year
• give myself a makeover – It’s been almost a year since my last haircut… I should get a real haircut, not the kind that I have to fix afterwards. Use gift cards that I received 3 years ago to update wardrobe. Go to an H&M… I saw this store in Europe over 7 years ago and always wished they were in the US. They have stores near me now for a while, I’ll visit one this year.
• declutter the house… maybe even decorate the walls (right now it feels like one big playground). We aren’t brave enough to buy real furniture yet.
• organize – an ongoing battle

• continue with new products/designs (MUST start using equipment I bought last year)
• i have a few more reps now than I did last year at this time (zero, haha) so I hope the business should at least triple.

Most importantly, stay sane and happy. Sounds simple enough but can be a challenge at times.