I bought an OKIdata laser at the end of December last year and I griped about the rebate in April. Well I finally got the darn check in mid August. That’s 7 months from when they received my receipt and proof of purchase. And in that 7 months, I called them many times to bug them, and have faxed my re-submission 3 times. When I faxed it in the 3rd time, I just said I’m reporting them to the FTC if I’m asked to fax any more re-submissions. I have no idea if that did it, or they got sick of me complaining… but about a month later I checked my status online and it said my check was processing. And when did it say my materials were received? January 20th!! So my 3 fax re-submissions were for ………….?
Anyway, after over a month it was still “processing”, I call them again and asked how long processing takes. They told me 4 weeks. I told them it’s been processing for over a month. See where this is going? In the end I got the dang rebate, but boy did I have to hassle them.

The reason I remember about this now is because my husband just got a rebate “denied” for something he bought. He sent his materials in way before the due date… But their reason was that he sent it after the expiration date, and the notice did give him the option to re-submit his info. For $9 back, he’s not going to bother and that’s what the rebate companies are counting on.

If you can’t resist a rebate, keep copies of everything. If it’s over $100, send it certified mail. From now on, I’m boycotting rebates… except maybe Epson and Apple because I’ve never had a problem with them. But I’d still be weary.