I disappeared from my blog for so long I forgot my user name and password when I logged back in. haha. At first, my disappearance was I needed a break and just didn’t feel like writing since there wasn’t much to write anyway. But then my disappearance was because it seemed I just got busy with everything.

I recently signed on 2 really cool reps… I don’t have much experience with reps so I thought it would take a while for orders to come… but a few came in, all at the same time. While I jumped for joy and cheered 5 times, I also previously committed to a CD design set to be due this week. It’s a fun project and my client is the best but… my time management skills aren’t the greatest. I like to totally concentrate on something and be in the zone but with a couple of things going on, I have to “allot” time for each project.

I’m almost in the home stretch. I was able to fill those orders and the CD design is almost done. It’s really not that much work, but when I only have a few hours at night to do stuff, it makes me a little irritable. haha. My poor husband! (Hi honeh!!!)

I finally updated my index page for the website. It was spring for a looooooong time 🙂 Got my newsletter out just in time because Dear Monday’s gonna be “open” for a year on August 10. Time really flew by. It seemed like I did nothing, yet so much at the same time. I’ve got alot more to do, take pictures, load up new stuff… etc etc

Anyway, I’ve got lots of catching up to do. Not only did I neglect my blog, I stopped reading others’ too. Wonder what’s going on? haha. It’s just as well. I need to read blogs as much as I need to watch TV. 🙂