Looks like our time in NoCal will be shorter than we thought. Gotta love the great planning of corporations! We might go home end of June, not end of August or later like we were told. Ahh well, things happen or NOT happen for a reason I suppose.

What I won’t miss: the crazy guy who lives in our building. Usually he’s out on his patio smoking a cigarette and talking to his imaginary friend. Sometimes he stands in the middle of the street talking to more imaginary people and walking in circles. Today he must be totally off his medication because he was walking around naked as I was driving up to our parking. I couldn’t believe my eyes like maybe I was seeing things until my son innocently tells me in Vietnamese: no clothes on. That just made me bust out laughing. I drove off to find security but they weren’t around or to tell management but of course couldn’t find a spot to park. I later learned some lady screamed and the sheriff was called but the crazy naked guy disappeared.

Lovely! Just lovely!