The stationery show in New York is this weekend. Best of luck to everyone who is going. It seems like so much fun and alot of stress too. I’ve been drooling over so many gorgeous designs from up and coming companies over at Hostess blog . It kinda makes me wonder… why do I do this again? haha. There’s so many designs out there that takes my breath away. (I think you have to like paper to feel that way 😉 But then I think there’s room for everyone, one has to persevere and keep at it.

Anyway, I’m not going to the NSS. Hopefully one day. I’m optimistic that one can “make it” without having to go. (Success is relative, so my “make it” is much different than someone else’s “make it”) It’ll be much slower but there’s a way I’m sure. Or maybe I’m very naive. I’ll figure it out day by day until I go… one retailer at a time.

So my progress is that I have a rep, maybe 2. New ones. With experience. It’s way too early to tell how it’ll go… but I’m further today than I was 2 months ago. I hope to put up a “Where to Buy” page and have more than a few stores… we’re talking I want to count more stores than on just 1 hand… by the end of the year, maybe I’ll have to use my toes too. Slow yes. But like I said, one retailer at a time.