Nah, Little J’s not in preschool/daycare yet. That won’t happen until mid-June once we sign up. The above picture is from his old class where I use to take him. It’s really us moms who finish up the art projects in these classes 🙂 We maneuver papers around trying to catch wielding paint brushes or glue sticks that our kids are mashing on the table. It was really a place to interact with other kids and get moms out of the house. We came to NoCal a little too late to register for the spring co-op classes, so ah well.

At first I was feeling bad for wanting to put him in preschool but he gets so excited everytime I tell him we’re gonna visit a SCHOOL. And then he asks for “Miss Stetnaly” which was Miss Tiffany, his teacher. So the kid likes school which makes me feel better. Now if June would hurry up and get here! 🙂