I’m going take the focus off of getting my Dear Monday cards out there for a bit. I’m in the waiting phase for now. There’s interest from some reps and I *should* be hearing something soon. We’ll see… there’s been an instance or 2 that I never hear back after they said they love the line, and I would’ve appreciated a “no thanks, changed my mind” or something.

Anyway, business thoughts aside… what are my other interests? I’m talking about what do I want to do within my lifestyle; not if I won the lottery or had no responsibilities or had unlimited resources or anything like that.

1. read – haven’t read much except how-to books or business related articles
2. sewing – purely personal for home decorating and I hardly even do that :-p; besides, sewing machine is in Southern CA
3. screen printing – I’d like to take a class for this; I do have a Gocco but that’s in SoCal too. haha
4. block/linocut printing – actually brought all my stuff to NoCal, just waiting for inspiration πŸ™‚
5. furniture design/building – purely personal, my friend who helped us with this got married and is busy with his wife. haha
6. music/songs – I’m not depressed enough these days to come up with anything good. haha.
7. puzzles – sudoku, crosswords; time wasters that I have cut down on
8. exercise – you’d think it’s a chore, but now since I don’t get to exercise I want to. πŸ™‚ besides, I always felt refreshed and my mind seemed clearer afterwards.

Geez, that sure took some thought. There’s some feasible stuff on my list that I need to work on, particularly #4 and #8. Let’s see if I do anything with either one.