I’m a cheapskate so sometimes I fall for the lure of a juicy rebate or coupon… which in turn, doesn’t really save me money because sometimes I buy stuff I don’t need (yet). My husband hates rebates and warned me about how it takes forever to get them and then sometimes you don’t even get them. Did I listen?

Anyway… I’m stiiiilllll waiting for a rebate from an OKIdata laser printer I bought back at end of December. The one I sorta had buyer’s remorse for. I’m over my remorse and I just want my dang rebate.

I sent my proofs-of-purchase in mid January knowing it would take 6-8 weeks to get processed. After 6 weeks I call for my status and it’s still “not in the system, call back in 2 weeks”. Okay. At 8 weeks I call, “still not in system, can you resubmit by fax?”. Okay (I always make scans/copies of purchase proofs). I call 3 weeks later to see if they received my fax. Answer: “It’s still not in the system. It takes 4 weeks, call back next week.” And guess what, when I called a week later, it’s still not in their system. What kind of system do they have?!

I asked what else I can do besides call back? Customer service told me to re-submit a 2nd time. So I did, but I’m still gonna keep calling back. I’m really getting the run around and they’re stalling as long as they can. Sure my mail could be “lost” (I highly doubt it; all other mail I sent that day was received) but why have me re-submit by FAX twice? I’ve never had problems with rebates until now. What a pain in the arse.