I pretty much do the same thing here as I did when I was in socal. Only now its more like exploring because I don’t know the area. Supposedly it’s ‘less crowded’ here and you don’t get as much traffic jam but whenever I go do errands the stores are packed! Doesn’t anyone work? haha. The parking lots at the Targets I went to have been a zoo. It’s packed inside too. Same with grocery stores. I don’t understand LOL.

Business is slow right now. I’m trying really hard to concentrate on wholesale and reps… ok.. trying semi-hard. I’m still not good at contacting stores or reps, but I plug along everyday… ok almost everyday. I wait in between days to see if there’s any bites and then continue from there.

Most my time is spent hanging out with Little J. His powers of staying awake is getting stronger now so his naps are losing out. There’s a day here and there that he takes a nap, but that’s it. I wouldn’t mind losing the naps so much if he’d go to sleep earlier at night… but no such luck. Ah well…

Here we are on one of our morning outings. Little J is fascinated with trains so we hang out at a BART station and watch the a few trains. Whenever he’s on his bike I pretty much run/jog after him for a mile. (Ha! who needs a gym membersip… not that I’d have time!) He peddles the entire time… doesn’t he know how to coast??? 🙂 Of course, the mile back home, I’m dragging him and the bike. haha