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Nah, Little J’s not in preschool/daycare yet. That won’t happen until mid-June once we sign up. The above picture is from his old class where I use to take him. It’s really us moms who finish up the art projects in these classes 🙂 We maneuver papers around trying to catch wielding paint brushes or glue sticks that our kids are mashing on the table. It was really a place to interact with other kids and get moms out of the house. We came to NoCal a little too late to register for the spring co-op classes, so ah well.

At first I was feeling bad for wanting to put him in preschool but he gets so excited everytime I tell him we’re gonna visit a SCHOOL. And then he asks for “Miss Stetnaly” which was Miss Tiffany, his teacher. So the kid likes school which makes me feel better. Now if June would hurry up and get here! 🙂


I realize in order for me to do things of interest in my previous post, I’d have to find time for it. These days I have about 5 minutes at a time, so I answer emails and maybe make some cards to add to inventory… just in case that huge order comes in 🙂 I’m optimistic! Anything else that needs thinking gets done after 11pm. And that’s getting old. I want my sleep, dangit. I miss it. I’m a nightowl by nature but since I cannot catch up on sleep, I have to change my schedule and force myself to sleep earlier. It’s a goal that hasn’t been accomplished.

So we’re thinking daycare/preschool. It’s come to that. I feel guilty but I hope it’ll be good for all of us. I want to spend weekends with my husband and son instead of having my husband watch him so I can do… nothing that important. I’m going to clear my mind so I can be more productive.

I’m going take the focus off of getting my Dear Monday cards out there for a bit. I’m in the waiting phase for now. There’s interest from some reps and I *should* be hearing something soon. We’ll see… there’s been an instance or 2 that I never hear back after they said they love the line, and I would’ve appreciated a “no thanks, changed my mind” or something.

Anyway, business thoughts aside… what are my other interests? I’m talking about what do I want to do within my lifestyle; not if I won the lottery or had no responsibilities or had unlimited resources or anything like that.

1. read – haven’t read much except how-to books or business related articles
2. sewing – purely personal for home decorating and I hardly even do that :-p; besides, sewing machine is in Southern CA
3. screen printing – I’d like to take a class for this; I do have a Gocco but that’s in SoCal too. haha
4. block/linocut printing – actually brought all my stuff to NoCal, just waiting for inspiration 🙂
5. furniture design/building – purely personal, my friend who helped us with this got married and is busy with his wife. haha
6. music/songs – I’m not depressed enough these days to come up with anything good. haha.
7. puzzles – sudoku, crosswords; time wasters that I have cut down on
8. exercise – you’d think it’s a chore, but now since I don’t get to exercise I want to. 🙂 besides, I always felt refreshed and my mind seemed clearer afterwards.

Geez, that sure took some thought. There’s some feasible stuff on my list that I need to work on, particularly #4 and #8. Let’s see if I do anything with either one.

I’m a cheapskate so sometimes I fall for the lure of a juicy rebate or coupon… which in turn, doesn’t really save me money because sometimes I buy stuff I don’t need (yet). My husband hates rebates and warned me about how it takes forever to get them and then sometimes you don’t even get them. Did I listen?

Anyway… I’m stiiiilllll waiting for a rebate from an OKIdata laser printer I bought back at end of December. The one I sorta had buyer’s remorse for. I’m over my remorse and I just want my dang rebate.

I sent my proofs-of-purchase in mid January knowing it would take 6-8 weeks to get processed. After 6 weeks I call for my status and it’s still “not in the system, call back in 2 weeks”. Okay. At 8 weeks I call, “still not in system, can you resubmit by fax?”. Okay (I always make scans/copies of purchase proofs). I call 3 weeks later to see if they received my fax. Answer: “It’s still not in the system. It takes 4 weeks, call back next week.” And guess what, when I called a week later, it’s still not in their system. What kind of system do they have?!

I asked what else I can do besides call back? Customer service told me to re-submit a 2nd time. So I did, but I’m still gonna keep calling back. I’m really getting the run around and they’re stalling as long as they can. Sure my mail could be “lost” (I highly doubt it; all other mail I sent that day was received) but why have me re-submit by FAX twice? I’ve never had problems with rebates until now. What a pain in the arse.

I pretty much do the same thing here as I did when I was in socal. Only now its more like exploring because I don’t know the area. Supposedly it’s ‘less crowded’ here and you don’t get as much traffic jam but whenever I go do errands the stores are packed! Doesn’t anyone work? haha. The parking lots at the Targets I went to have been a zoo. It’s packed inside too. Same with grocery stores. I don’t understand LOL.

Business is slow right now. I’m trying really hard to concentrate on wholesale and reps… ok.. trying semi-hard. I’m still not good at contacting stores or reps, but I plug along everyday… ok almost everyday. I wait in between days to see if there’s any bites and then continue from there.

Most my time is spent hanging out with Little J. His powers of staying awake is getting stronger now so his naps are losing out. There’s a day here and there that he takes a nap, but that’s it. I wouldn’t mind losing the naps so much if he’d go to sleep earlier at night… but no such luck. Ah well…

Here we are on one of our morning outings. Little J is fascinated with trains so we hang out at a BART station and watch the a few trains. Whenever he’s on his bike I pretty much run/jog after him for a mile. (Ha! who needs a gym membersip… not that I’d have time!) He peddles the entire time… doesn’t he know how to coast??? 🙂 Of course, the mile back home, I’m dragging him and the bike. haha