We’re heeeeeeeeere……. It was a nice drive up north. We were hoping to enjoy the scenery and take advantage of quiet time during the drive but our son stayed up the entire time except for the last hour. LOL I was ready to pass out a couple of times but stayed awake to everybody company. He’s a stubborn sleeper, always afraid he’s going to miss something!!

Our apartment is quite small – a 1-bedroom – but I like it; feels cozy. Haha it’s actually better furnished than our house (though that’s not saying too much since we never bought anything nice knowing that there’ll be a baby around)… Husband made this new place sound worse than it actually is. Now I don’t have to run up and down stairs anymore; I can keep an eye on Little J easier. The cool part is there’s maid service and we get clean towels every week. Now if only the maid babysat every now and then, it’d be awesome. LOL!

I’ve been here before as a child when we first came to the states. Now I get a second chance to appreciate this area as an adult so I hope we’ll get to explore lots.