Yes, it looks like we’re going up north for a while. Husband (I have to think of a name for him! Mr. Monday? Mr. Ponderer?) is leaving next week. I did write that it’s going to happen quick! 🙂 He’ll be staying in a hotel for a bit since they don’t have any apartment openings in the corporate housing.

So I asked: what if an apartment doesn’t open up? Will Little J and I stay home and he’ll come home to visit 2x a month? Hubby says no way, we’re going no matter if we stay in a hotel or apartment because he can’t live without us. 🙂 🙂 Shoooot…. doesn’t he realize that it would be like a vacation without us? I mean, he can watch TV and actually hear the dialog or eat without a little 3-foot kid climbing on his head. heehee

Anyway, I can only bring what I really NEED. When an apartment does open up, it’ll be a 1-bedroom not 2 like we were hoping. So I have to travel light, yet efficient! I sure wish I had a laptop! Stopping for 6 months isn’t really an option… it’d feel like starting over. I’ve already come to a screeching halt on contacting local stores at home. I should switch to contacting stores up north. It’ll be an interesting adventure.