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It’s been over a week since hubby flew up north. I was wondering how I was going to do by myself with Little J. We visit my parents and my mom came over to hang out so that’s a big help. My back up plan for when I need a break was to have a young girl in the neighborhood babysit. So far, I’ve not had to do that. Now I’m on the home stretch. Woohoo! Hubby flies in Friday so only 3 more days to go. Wednesday should be easy… Little J’s class in the morning and then going over to my sister’s for a going-away-dinner.

I haven’t gotten frustrated in the past few days. This sounds cheesy but I think it’s because I watched “The Secret”. My friend Erika told me about it weeks ago after she saw it on Oprah. I had no idea what it’s about until I saw a link on The Switchboards where you can watch it for free. So I watched it …well I actually listened while I worked, you actually don’t have to “watch” it since it’s not a movie-movie. It comes off as a bit “new-agy” and some things I don’t agree with, but… I came away with a different attitude. I try to be more grateful and not focus on what makes me frustrated. The things that Little J does or doesn’t do that often drive me nuts… hasn’t bothered me. It’s so weird yet good for both of us.

The other week I had ‘craft day’ at my neighbor Connie’s house. It was so fun just some gals getting together and doing some stamping stuff. I had to bring Little J with me but it all worked out. At first I thought I was going to have to go home but he ended up being pretty good. He only found some glass objects and scissors a couple of times but he always gave them to Connie. Nothing broke 😎 hehe. Anyway, I’m not a big stamper but I bought some stuff that would help me do some promos… so we’ll see.

One of the projects was just the coolest! It’s like a gift tag that you pull on one side. As you pull, the other side comes out. So cool! When you push one side in, the other side comes in too. It’d be great to put a gift card or earrings or something small. We put chocolate in there. The mechanics seem complicated, but not really.
I loved this project and managed to complete it while I had one eye on my curious Little J. 🙂


Today is Chinese New Year. Although I’m not Chinese our family celebrate it. I used to get lots of envelopes filled with money when I was younger. I still get some now but only from my parents, and it’s not as much as it used to be :).

Now it’s our turn to give out red envelopes to the little ones.
The belief is that throughout the year, you’d continue getting money or have luck in it. I wish it were true… I would’ve been rich!! 🙂

Happy new year to everyone who celebrates it today.

Yes, it looks like we’re going up north for a while. Husband (I have to think of a name for him! Mr. Monday? Mr. Ponderer?) is leaving next week. I did write that it’s going to happen quick! 🙂 He’ll be staying in a hotel for a bit since they don’t have any apartment openings in the corporate housing.

So I asked: what if an apartment doesn’t open up? Will Little J and I stay home and he’ll come home to visit 2x a month? Hubby says no way, we’re going no matter if we stay in a hotel or apartment because he can’t live without us. 🙂 🙂 Shoooot…. doesn’t he realize that it would be like a vacation without us? I mean, he can watch TV and actually hear the dialog or eat without a little 3-foot kid climbing on his head. heehee

Anyway, I can only bring what I really NEED. When an apartment does open up, it’ll be a 1-bedroom not 2 like we were hoping. So I have to travel light, yet efficient! I sure wish I had a laptop! Stopping for 6 months isn’t really an option… it’d feel like starting over. I’ve already come to a screeching halt on contacting local stores at home. I should switch to contacting stores up north. It’ll be an interesting adventure.

Heh, a little late but:
I was reading Paper Fun’s blog and she got the link to make your own heart here.

Oh I think I have a headache from eating too much chocolate covered banana chips!