Hmmm… so there’s a chance we might relocate… for about 6 months, give or take. Husband’s company is sending a person(s) up to northern California to do some business stuff, so he’s thinking of volunteering. The company would pay for housing, food, and rental car. My first reaction was “yeah, why not?! We need an adventure.” But then I thought, I just started making friends with other moms, my neighbor just asked if I wanted to join some gals for Craft Day (coffee and conversation while “crafting”). I also started sending stuff out to local stores. That’s gotta come to a halt till I know for sure, because this relocating thing is going to happen fast, if it happens. We’re talking leaving mid-Feb or beginning of March.

We weigh our pros and cons. Pro is that it’s free. Even though it’s not San Francisco, we’d get to stay and explore a city while someone foots the bill. It’s close enough to SF to just jump on the BART and wheeee explore. Husband will be away from his current co-workers for 6 months, giving him a fresh outlook. By the time he gets sick of the new co-workers, it’ll be time to come home :). It’ll be good for his career, even though he doesn’t like his career. Little J and I can come home to SoCal sooner if we don’t like it. Husband gets 2 flights home a month, whether we stay or go with him.

Cons. We don’t know anyone and we’ll be away from family and friends. My mom won’t watch little J every other Friday. We probably won’t get to explore as much as we think since we have a toddler. It’ll probably be a bit hard to do Dear Monday, but I think it’s manageable once everything’s set up. It could be longer than 6 months, maybe a year.

Hmm… it seems like with a toddler and all, it’s wiser to stay put. But I’m itching for adventure and new scenery. It’s not like it’s forever. I told husband he can go by himself if he wants, but he doesn’t want to leave without us. Awwwww. But doesn’t he know? He can have some peace and quiet and relaxation, for once. LOL.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens…………….