Today was Little J’s 3rd class meeting. Once again we were late because I was trying to get a package ready so I can drop off at the post office. Anyway, Little J was being extra energetic and very loud. It continued thru lunch. We decided to join 2 of his classmates and moms for lunch… and well, let’s just say I went home pretty hungry.

I composed myself while J took a nap. Today I’ll go drop off a catalog and samples to a local store when husband gets home. It felt foreign to try to look “nice” LOL. It was kind of for nothing because the owner was not there so I just left the package. That’s okay, I didn’t feel like conversing with anybody today. The whole thing took about a minute. So anti-climatic and no big deal.

I have to remind myself this is the business side of it. Hmmm…. I need to go do some art.