Today I dropped of little J at my parent’s house. My mom is off every other Friday and every other Friday I gain some sanity back and try to do as much as I can with Dear Monday.

So I make it a goal today to call as many stores as I can and maybe a rep or two. It’s not so bad with reps but I still get nervous. It’s the stores I sweat over even if I’m only asking a salesperson for a manager name. So far I’ve practiced calling stores that I know would tell me to call corporate offices. Then I procrastinate some… no I procrastinate alot before I call on some local stores. I don’t know why I’m such a chicken about this, that’s why I’m not in sales and will never be. I’m not shy but when it comes to work that’s art-related or work that I care about, I become mush! This will get better I know, but until I get more experience in this industry, I feel like I’m flashing signs like: AMATEUR!! NEWBIE!! MY STUDIO IS THE GUEST BEDROOM!! “WE” REALLY MEANS “I”. MY ASSISTANT IS 2!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!

Anyway, focusing on better thoughts… I have friends! Yes, I have friends now who are moms! Michelle (aka Mindy in a previous post LOL) whom I met a while back called me again after we lost touch for a little while. I left her alone since I thought maybe we were ‘too much’ for her :). Anyway, she told me about classes her son was enrolled in and that my little J would like. They were the same community classes I was looking at for J and now we’ve all signed up for the same day.

Thru Michelle, I’ve met some other moms and we’re planning on meeting at different play areas on different days of the week. I’m happy about this because having a business and being at home as a mom can get pretty lonely!