Doh, I have buyer’s remorse right now. I just bought a brand new shiny laser printer. It’s all expensive and pretty, but now I wonder “why did I buy it again?” When I first saw it in the store sitting all fancy and noted that it’s on the list of things to buy IN THE FUTURE, I couldn’t help but notice the big old $200 rebate that made it seem ‘not-so-expensive’. Then suddenly I thought of all these things I could print: catalogs! my business cards! promos! etc etc.

So I ended up buying it a few days later. And here it is. But do I really need it? Suddenly I forgot what things I was going to print on it. I mean catalogs… wasn’t I asking my husband to print up some at work? 😎 Business cards… can’t I get full color for pretty cheap at places like gotprint? Promos… won’t my inkjet work just as good?

Ehhh… I’ll get over it. I’m just a big cheapo who normally don’t make big purchases unless I desperately need it. I’ll make a list of fun stuff to do with it. I guess I got overwhelmed after I hooked at up and realized… it’s just a printer! OMG, what did I think it was when I bought it? LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I have it… and of course husband can print on it too (Mac/PC compatible). It’s just a matter of putting it to good use 🙂