Last year I was pretty much internally griping about the pains of learning-as-I-go and getting my website built. At least that’s done with for this year. Now I pretty much have to maintain, update and add to it… and not break anything. So that leaves me with coming up with new designs and promoting Dear Monday more. To offset that though, my Little J is now in his 2s, and seems to need a playmate all the time. I’ll see how many goals I can really accomplish/keep up with!

1. Wholesale. I’d like to get into 10 boutiques this year – on my own. Such a small piddly number, I know. But, would feel like a big accomplishment to me.
2. Expose myself/get word out. Advertise, participate in promos, get featured.
3. Organize. It’s time to put shelves on the walls.

1. Exercise at least once a month šŸ™‚
2. Get more sleep. This is a must, no more excuses.
3. Do more artistic stuff. Been wanting to do block prints forever. I have all the stuff, it’s a matter of sitting down and carve those images.
4. The baby thing. Yes, try for 1 more. I’m getting older and after this year, I think that’s it. If it doesn’t happen I’ll be thankful we had one.

That’s it. No lofty goals, exept maybe one. The idea is maintain and keep at it. There’s always time to grow later.