Happy 2007!
New year’s eve over at my neighbors was great! We played games, ate some tasty food (lots of sugar cookies for me), hung out and talked to some nice guests. The best part was that there was an area for kids and that we were only 3 houses down. Little J got to do lots of coloring, dispensing M&M’s in and out of the dispenser, played painting on the computer, and just be a little kid. Then we walked him home, put him to sleep and went back to the party. Of course he wasn’t alone, we’re not that ‘progressive’. My mom came by to watch him but she didn’t want to go to the party.

We had such a nice and relaxing time. I so miss being around adults and have ongoing conversations. Sigh… One lady I was talking to walked the NSS last year. She told me an exhibitor got their entire album physically stolen. The person who stole it, licensed the entire album without changing a thing. The designs were copyrighted so the owner of the designs went after the thief and totally nailed them. I have no idea who they were or details, but geewhiz…! How can anyone outright steal like that and be that stupid about it? I suppose if they were smart, they wouldn’t have to steal designs in the first place. I am constantly shocked by things people do. I wish I knew what company that happened to.

Anyway, back to the new year. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been thinking about goals and stuff. It’s time to write them down and make them happen.