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Hmmm… so there’s a chance we might relocate… for about 6 months, give or take. Husband’s company is sending a person(s) up to northern California to do some business stuff, so he’s thinking of volunteering. The company would pay for housing, food, and rental car. My first reaction was “yeah, why not?! We need an adventure.” But then I thought, I just started making friends with other moms, my neighbor just asked if I wanted to join some gals for Craft Day (coffee and conversation while “crafting”). I also started sending stuff out to local stores. That’s gotta come to a halt till I know for sure, because this relocating thing is going to happen fast, if it happens. We’re talking leaving mid-Feb or beginning of March.

We weigh our pros and cons. Pro is that it’s free. Even though it’s not San Francisco, we’d get to stay and explore a city while someone foots the bill. It’s close enough to SF to just jump on the BART and wheeee explore. Husband will be away from his current co-workers for 6 months, giving him a fresh outlook. By the time he gets sick of the new co-workers, it’ll be time to come home :). It’ll be good for his career, even though he doesn’t like his career. Little J and I can come home to SoCal sooner if we don’t like it. Husband gets 2 flights home a month, whether we stay or go with him.

Cons. We don’t know anyone and we’ll be away from family and friends. My mom won’t watch little J every other Friday. We probably won’t get to explore as much as we think since we have a toddler. It’ll probably be a bit hard to do Dear Monday, but I think it’s manageable once everything’s set up. It could be longer than 6 months, maybe a year.

Hmm… it seems like with a toddler and all, it’s wiser to stay put. But I’m itching for adventure and new scenery. It’s not like it’s forever. I told husband he can go by himself if he wants, but he doesn’t want to leave without us. Awwwww. But doesn’t he know? He can have some peace and quiet and relaxation, for once. LOL.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens…………….


Today was Little J’s 3rd class meeting. Once again we were late because I was trying to get a package ready so I can drop off at the post office. Anyway, Little J was being extra energetic and very loud. It continued thru lunch. We decided to join 2 of his classmates and moms for lunch… and well, let’s just say I went home pretty hungry.

I composed myself while J took a nap. Today I’ll go drop off a catalog and samples to a local store when husband gets home. It felt foreign to try to look “nice” LOL. It was kind of for nothing because the owner was not there so I just left the package. That’s okay, I didn’t feel like conversing with anybody today. The whole thing took about a minute. So anti-climatic and no big deal.

I have to remind myself this is the business side of it. Hmmm…. I need to go do some art.

Today I dropped of little J at my parent’s house. My mom is off every other Friday and every other Friday I gain some sanity back and try to do as much as I can with Dear Monday.

So I make it a goal today to call as many stores as I can and maybe a rep or two. It’s not so bad with reps but I still get nervous. It’s the stores I sweat over even if I’m only asking a salesperson for a manager name. So far I’ve practiced calling stores that I know would tell me to call corporate offices. Then I procrastinate some… no I procrastinate alot before I call on some local stores. I don’t know why I’m such a chicken about this, that’s why I’m not in sales and will never be. I’m not shy but when it comes to work that’s art-related or work that I care about, I become mush! This will get better I know, but until I get more experience in this industry, I feel like I’m flashing signs like: AMATEUR!! NEWBIE!! MY STUDIO IS THE GUEST BEDROOM!! “WE” REALLY MEANS “I”. MY ASSISTANT IS 2!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!

Anyway, focusing on better thoughts… I have friends! Yes, I have friends now who are moms! Michelle (aka Mindy in a previous post LOL) whom I met a while back called me again after we lost touch for a little while. I left her alone since I thought maybe we were ‘too much’ for her :). Anyway, she told me about classes her son was enrolled in and that my little J would like. They were the same community classes I was looking at for J and now we’ve all signed up for the same day.

Thru Michelle, I’ve met some other moms and we’re planning on meeting at different play areas on different days of the week. I’m happy about this because having a business and being at home as a mom can get pretty lonely!

Doh, I have buyer’s remorse right now. I just bought a brand new shiny laser printer. It’s all expensive and pretty, but now I wonder “why did I buy it again?” When I first saw it in the store sitting all fancy and noted that it’s on the list of things to buy IN THE FUTURE, I couldn’t help but notice the big old $200 rebate that made it seem ‘not-so-expensive’. Then suddenly I thought of all these things I could print: catalogs! my business cards! promos! etc etc.

So I ended up buying it a few days later. And here it is. But do I really need it? Suddenly I forgot what things I was going to print on it. I mean catalogs… wasn’t I asking my husband to print up some at work? 😎 Business cards… can’t I get full color for pretty cheap at places like gotprint? Promos… won’t my inkjet work just as good?

Ehhh… I’ll get over it. I’m just a big cheapo who normally don’t make big purchases unless I desperately need it. I’ll make a list of fun stuff to do with it. I guess I got overwhelmed after I hooked at up and realized… it’s just a printer! OMG, what did I think it was when I bought it? LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I have it… and of course husband can print on it too (Mac/PC compatible). It’s just a matter of putting it to good use 🙂

Last year I was pretty much internally griping about the pains of learning-as-I-go and getting my website built. At least that’s done with for this year. Now I pretty much have to maintain, update and add to it… and not break anything. So that leaves me with coming up with new designs and promoting Dear Monday more. To offset that though, my Little J is now in his 2s, and seems to need a playmate all the time. I’ll see how many goals I can really accomplish/keep up with!

1. Wholesale. I’d like to get into 10 boutiques this year – on my own. Such a small piddly number, I know. But, would feel like a big accomplishment to me.
2. Expose myself/get word out. Advertise, participate in promos, get featured.
3. Organize. It’s time to put shelves on the walls.

1. Exercise at least once a month 🙂
2. Get more sleep. This is a must, no more excuses.
3. Do more artistic stuff. Been wanting to do block prints forever. I have all the stuff, it’s a matter of sitting down and carve those images.
4. The baby thing. Yes, try for 1 more. I’m getting older and after this year, I think that’s it. If it doesn’t happen I’ll be thankful we had one.

That’s it. No lofty goals, exept maybe one. The idea is maintain and keep at it. There’s always time to grow later.

Happy 2007!
New year’s eve over at my neighbors was great! We played games, ate some tasty food (lots of sugar cookies for me), hung out and talked to some nice guests. The best part was that there was an area for kids and that we were only 3 houses down. Little J got to do lots of coloring, dispensing M&M’s in and out of the dispenser, played painting on the computer, and just be a little kid. Then we walked him home, put him to sleep and went back to the party. Of course he wasn’t alone, we’re not that ‘progressive’. My mom came by to watch him but she didn’t want to go to the party.

We had such a nice and relaxing time. I so miss being around adults and have ongoing conversations. Sigh… One lady I was talking to walked the NSS last year. She told me an exhibitor got their entire album physically stolen. The person who stole it, licensed the entire album without changing a thing. The designs were copyrighted so the owner of the designs went after the thief and totally nailed them. I have no idea who they were or details, but geewhiz…! How can anyone outright steal like that and be that stupid about it? I suppose if they were smart, they wouldn’t have to steal designs in the first place. I am constantly shocked by things people do. I wish I knew what company that happened to.

Anyway, back to the new year. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been thinking about goals and stuff. It’s time to write them down and make them happen.