I was tagged by Lilie from APlanet4Creation to list 6 *strange* things about me. I don’t think they are strange, but that’s because I live a pretty *uneventful* life. Hey, uneventful is good… it just means no drama. ūüôā

1. I skipped 3rd grade… it all evened out though because I¬†had to retake¬†1st grade. It wasn’t because I was a delinquent 6 yr old, hehehe¬†– I just didn’t speak any English when I came to the US.

2. I hardly or don’t drink much of:
alcohol –¬†unfortunately, I’m allergic and break out in hives.
coffee – 1 sip can make me wired for a few hours. I might drink an equivalent of 1 cup a year.
sodas – no reason, I think it’s because I don’t buy it.

3. I kind of hate photocards, but yes, that’s what we’ll do at Christmas.

4.¬†I don’t do well¬†in interviews. Except for a job at Hello Kitty store, I’ve never gotten a job I interview for. On the flip side, all the jobs I’ve had (from retail to graphics), I’ve never interviewed for.

5. I have a habit of making numerous organized piles, piles, piles. That’s because we don’t have many shelves, shelves, shelves. Something to do in 2007.

6. Looking out over the ocean when the sky is dark and ominous makes me homesick for Vietnam or somewhere tropical. There must’ve been something in my childhood that triggers this.

I’d like to tag Crissy¬†– Par Avion Design and Patricia¬†– A Little Hut.