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Well here it is. The last day of 2006. It was overall a good year. There were a few things that I did accomplish of my resolutions for this year, one of which was putting up my website.

Anyway, this post is to say bye to 2006 and tie up a loose end. This year I also was involved in a Vietnamese movie… even was in it for a few seconds. I haven’t posted till now because I didn’t really want to think about it. It was fun and a headache all at the same time. Would I do it again? Sure, but only the fun stuff and if it was more organized. Trailer: aramy th. com… it looks racy, but isn’t. 🙂 bwahaha

Here’s a glimpse of my 5 seconds as the seated ‘secretary’. I remember in this scene, I was trying to not look at the actress’s cleavage LOL.

Tonight we’re going to our neighbor’s house to hang out… the ones that I was wondering if they were miffed at us. Connie and her husband are opening their house to the whole neighborhood. They are such cool people. Who knows, maybe this coming year I’ll ‘know’ them again.

Hope everyone have a fun new year’s eve! See you all next year! 🙂


I was tagged by Lilie from APlanet4Creation to list 6 *strange* things about me. I don’t think they are strange, but that’s because I live a pretty *uneventful* life. Hey, uneventful is good… it just means no drama. 🙂

1. I skipped 3rd grade… it all evened out though because I had to retake 1st grade. It wasn’t because I was a delinquent 6 yr old, hehehe – I just didn’t speak any English when I came to the US.

2. I hardly or don’t drink much of:
alcohol – unfortunately, I’m allergic and break out in hives.
coffee – 1 sip can make me wired for a few hours. I might drink an equivalent of 1 cup a year.
sodas – no reason, I think it’s because I don’t buy it.

3. I kind of hate photocards, but yes, that’s what we’ll do at Christmas.

4. I don’t do well in interviews. Except for a job at Hello Kitty store, I’ve never gotten a job I interview for. On the flip side, all the jobs I’ve had (from retail to graphics), I’ve never interviewed for.

5. I have a habit of making numerous organized piles, piles, piles. That’s because we don’t have many shelves, shelves, shelves. Something to do in 2007.

6. Looking out over the ocean when the sky is dark and ominous makes me homesick for Vietnam or somewhere tropical. There must’ve been something in my childhood that triggers this.

I’d like to tag Crissy – Par Avion Design and Patricia – A Little Hut.

I was dreading the holidays coming. While it was here, it thought it wouldn’t end. Now that it’s mostly over, it wasn’t so bad. I don’t know what it was about this year, but I didn’t seem to have my act together. We even simplified gift-giving to concentrate on giving to the kids. I kept telling myself, I’ll be more prepared next year. Anyhow, looking back it was still fun and sweet. 

This one is a COMPLETE surprise. I’m not sure how it happened, but Dear Monday won the Rare Robin award in the paper category. I’m shocked! Shocked because I didn’t even attempt to cheat LOL… not like in school when I gave myself 4 extra votes to give myself an edge on being 10th grade Treasurer, which I ended up not winning anyway. Sorry too much information there.

Anyway, thank you, thank you. This makes my Friday 🙂
Thank you Rare Bird Finds! Please go here to see online shops who also won the Rare Robin award.

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