I swear sometimes it’s hard to make friends when you’re a mom. I met a great gal (I’ll call Mindy) a few months ago and I was hoping we’d become friends because she seems pretty awesome and she has a son 4 months younger than my Little J. For a while we’d occassionally meet at the park, share stories about how tiring/busy it is staying at home, etc. etc. We’d email here and there about getting together and she’d give me preschool tips/leads.

One day Mindy invited Little J and I over for a little playdate. How exciting because besides my sister, I don’t hang out with anyone with kids. (Oh I suppose I do hang out with the nannies at the park.) Anyway, our sons had a nice time and we all had lunch at her house. I totally thanked her and made it a point that she come over our house next time. Haven’t heard from her. hehe, I wonder was it because my Little J hogged all her son’s Thomas the train toys? Or that my son showed her son how to splash water and get all wet? Or maybe my son’s too much a ball of energy? Or maybe she thinks I’m too busy with my business.

Then there’s my neighbor who is a fellow paper/graphics gal. We finally sat down one day and had a great get-to-know-each-other moment. We emailed lots about printers, and paper and stuff. She even thought I’d enjoy meeting some of her crafty friends.

It was cool until there was a neighborhood block party that we didn’t go to. (It was 90 degrees, during nap time and plus we had our nephew’s bday to go to.) We rsvp that we couldn’t make it. After that, our conversations kind of stopped. To add to my slight paranoia, there was a community newsletter saying what a great turnout there was at the block party. And that even the newest neighbors who’ve just moved in within the last month was able to come out to meet all the neighbors. Eeek. My husband made a comment how “it makes it sound like we’re not very neighborly”.

I’ve since emailed my neighbor about paper related stuff or ask about her business and she occasionally replies but it wasn’t like before. It’s just too bad because I think she’s the nicest lady. Sometimes I wonder if I’m seen as flaky or maybe just too busy to actually have a friendship with.

No matter, my best friend these days is the internet anyway!!! hahaha 🙂