Our little J turned 2 last month. Yes, it’s old news but I still can’t believe he’s 2. Here he is blowing out his candle every chance he gets. We kept lighting it so we can finish singing ‘happy birthday’ but candle doesn’t stay lit.


Also, we now have 2 cars. Yay! After 9 months with 1 car, we caved and figured we needed a 2nd car. No more dragging ourselves up to take daddy to work a couple days a week. On the flip side, we have car payments now. Dang! I had plans for the garage of making a space to work and all but after 9 months I hadn’t done anything so ah well… Now we can go to different parks and go grocery shopping whenever needed.

I’m close to getting projects done. Just in time to concentrate on my shop since it’s nearing the holidays and all. Whew.