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Our little J turned 2 last month. Yes, it’s old news but I still can’t believe he’s 2. Here he is blowing out his candle every chance he gets. We kept lighting it so we can finish singing ‘happy birthday’ but candle doesn’t stay lit.


Also, we now have 2 cars. Yay! After 9 months with 1 car, we caved and figured we needed a 2nd car. No more dragging ourselves up to take daddy to work a couple days a week. On the flip side, we have car payments now. Dang! I had plans for the garage of making a space to work and all but after 9 months I hadn’t done anything so ah well… Now we can go to different parks and go grocery shopping whenever needed.

I’m close to getting projects done. Just in time to concentrate on my shop since it’s nearing the holidays and all. Whew.


This is a bit of a late post, but I had an interview on Crafty Synergy! Here’s the direct link to the Dear Monday interview. Crafty Synergy is run by fellow paper gal, Patricia, who just opened A Little Hut. Visit both sites and be inspired!

I was surprised to check my stats yesterday and found there was a nice little write-up of Dear Monday on BussBuss! I don’t think I can link the direct page but I’m in the October 2006 archives here. I love good surprises!! 🙂

Another thing I need to add to my to-do list is make a Press/As Seen In page!!

I’ve been slacking off about posting lately. Sure I’m busy but once I slack off blogging a bit, it gets harder to post. It’s a spur of the moment thing for me. If I don’t post about something soon, it gets old.

Anyhoo… what was I doing last? Plugging away at my to-do list. I’m still doing that but I keep adding more to it, so it’s not really shortening. At least it’s not really growing.

Husband and I took a break this past weekend for date night and went to one of his childhood friend’s birthday. Charlie’s birthdays (not his real name) are always a lot of fun because you never know who’s going to be there. Plus there’s great food, my favorite part!! Anyway, a few news anchors were there, I only recognized one woman anchor. And an actress on a soap opera was there. There was a few other young actors I don’t recognize (I don’t watch much TV anymore – no cable anyway). Woohoo! It’s just exciting to me for no reason. I don’t really talk to them, I just casually glance in their direction. Imagine how excited I’d be if let’s say Keanu Reeves or someone huge was there. hahaha.

It’s been so long since hubby and I were out semi-late alone. Too bad we had to leave slightly early. Traffic is always terrible leaving/coming into LA even at 10:30pm, plus we didn’t want to make my mom babysit too long.

Anyway…. back to normal life 🙂

I thought I had to survive last week and I’ll be back on track… heh, looks like I’ll have to survive October. At least I finished transcribing the Vietnamese movie dialog and made sure the English subtitles were accurate. It was actually the English that took long because the script has changed so much and scenes weren’t in order any more. I actually liked doing even though it was so time-consuming. Would I do it again? NO. Not unless the people who asked me to do it got their act together. One person complained I took too long and he could’ve done it since he knows the movie by heart. Yeah, then he and his wife should’ve sat down and do it. Knowing a movie by heart and actually transcribing it so that it’s accurate is another matter. I felt really bad so I researched online about transcribing and the time it took me to transcribe is about average. So whatever! This is their first movie and on a minuscule budget. Note to self, next time think twice about helping others.

One person I don’t mind helping is Steve my bro-in-law. I mentioned photographing his kids for promos and whatnot for their December concert. Whew, I got that over with, now it’s photoshopping time. I’m no photographer and it was a make-shift studio. 🙂 He ‘hired’ me because with the previous pro photographer, I had to edit/photoshop just as much anyway.

One neato thing happened while I was there on photo day was that Disney scouts were there. They were looking for girls for a Go Go’s/Pogos project? I remember being all proud of those little kids when they started playing… And they’re not even my kids or my students. LOL. Anyway 6 girls received callbacks, so we’ll see what happens. They’re 6 out of 50 that Disney’ll choose from, is that good odds? I don’t know if they’re excited or not, it kinda just fell in their lap. Who knows, maybe one will make it and be famous! I better save all those shots I took. 🙂 hehe

Anyway, back to work for me!

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