Whew. I’m just about caught up. Dang it was a rough week and I don’t know why. I had lots to do and just thinking about it made me want to NOT do anything. My to-do list was so long. I just had to keep at it and most have been crossed off.

I’ve put a few stationery designs up on the site. That’ll hold me over for a bit. But I’ll have to add/change pretty soon.

Dang, I missed Studio Friday 2x in a row. And they were easy too!!

The Vietnamese movie subtitle thing almost done. The English is done now I’m doing the Vietnamese part. I’m using a font set that has all the accents for the vowels… there’s supposed to be 60+ versions for all the vowels… and the dumb font set is missing 7!! Argh. Imagine trying to type and trying to find all the vowels under option & option/shift. Keycaps and written notes of where the keys are help, but still…

Anyway, hope to post more next week.