whew. Things have been hectic here. Relatives have been in and out within the past 2 weeks. Now that little J is a little older, my office has also become the guest room so when we have people here, I get limited time on my computer. Boy, do I rely on my computer. More so than Ilike to be. Hopefully soon when I’m all caught up I can put up some new products and change the home page.

Without my computer, I worked on inventory and something totally unrelated at night… remember the vietnamese movie I was ‘almost’ in… well long story but I ended up being it afterall. [I almost didn’t make it as it took me almost 2 hrs to drive to Beverly Hills for the scene that day. Holy traffic accidents that day]… Anyway, there’s going to be English subtitles, so I’m the one making sure the English matches to the Vietnamese dialog since it’s veered off from the original script alot. it’s time-consuming but I kinda like doing it. Maybe I’ll do a screen capture of my ‘blink-and-you-miss-me’ scene. ha. Who knows… I could be edited out in the final. Anyway, more later since i still have lots of catching up to do.