I’ve heard of StumbleUpon.com for a long time now and I just recently joined. I suppose it’s a FREE way to get some traffic. I was afraid that I’d be bombarded with ’empty’ hits but it’s not that bad. I’m still playing around with it and figuring it out but it seems like a nice network option or time waster 🙂

Speaking of time wasters, we don’t have cable anymore. Poof it’s gone. Oh well it was a freebie anyway. Cableman forgot to put a filter on or something because one day we had cable, and we weren’t going to tell them to disconnect 8-). They must’ve caught on because it went the way it came… suddenly. Bad timing too. The fall season of Grey’s Anatomy is going to start soon. I’m okay with not able to see reality tv shows because I can look them up on the net… but it’s not the same with a tv drama. Darn. Boo!