A few people wondered about the paper cutter in my previous post so I’ll elaborate here. The brand is a Dahle 552 and I got it on good old eBay for $100 a year ago. There are a few sellers who have them but I didn’t see my seller… but their direct website is artgrafix.com. This cutter takes up a good amount of space! Had I known better, I’d have gotten the 550 model with a 14-inch cut edge instead of the 20-inch cut edge I have now. (Probably because the seller didn’t have that model) I suppose I can cut wrapping paper nicely 🙂

It only cuts a few sheets at a time… I don’t do much more than 3 thick cardstocks at once. If you cut lots, try researching the QCM-1200E… now there’s a cutter! I read some good things about it on the old Paperpreneurs forum.

I also considered these:
Genesis Trimmer (wait was too long, it’s handmade wow), and Keencut
It came down to price and I chose the Dahle and I’m pretty happy with it.
(hehe now I’ll probably get some search phrases for [skin] cutters. ha)