I finally figured out how to use Bloglines. Duh. I’ve been so busy and not really reading that many blogs anymore (one of my sources to the outside world :)). I have them bookmarked and used to click on a site one by one and it got time-consuming. Bloglines used to confuse me because it looked like I was starting another blog which I don’t want. Just the other day I found the “ADD” button and presto! It’s so cool. Now I don’t have to go to every site anymore to see if it’s been updated.

I’m also proud of myself for being able to set up a newsletter sign-up thru PHPlist. And it’s FREE!! I couldn’t have figured it out without the help of Caitlin’s site though. Without her tutorial, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. That stuff’s all foreign to me.

So even though I cursed and pouted while I was building my website… I think it helped me to not be afraid of codes and things related to html. That said though, if I had the money I’d probably still want to hire someone to build my site 😎