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Yep, I know summer’s BEEN gone. It’s hard to accept fall is already here. Next around the corner is Christmas. Yikes! I’ve been quite busy, so things have been just passing me by as I plug away at my to-do list. It’s getting shorter, by the way! After this next week or so it’ll get back to normal.

I’m shooting photos of bands participating in Performing Arts Guild’s “Onstage” rock school. The kids in the “OnStage” program have a concert in December and the photos are for promotion/CDs/t-shirts etc. For a couple of weeks they get to act like rockstars!

Anyway, my blog has had no pics lately so here’s one snippet of a day this summer.



Whew. I’m just about caught up. Dang it was a rough week and I don’t know why. I had lots to do and just thinking about it made me want to NOT do anything. My to-do list was so long. I just had to keep at it and most have been crossed off.

I’ve put a few stationery designs up on the site. That’ll hold me over for a bit. But I’ll have to add/change pretty soon.

Dang, I missed Studio Friday 2x in a row. And they were easy too!!

The Vietnamese movie subtitle thing almost done. The English is done now I’m doing the Vietnamese part. I’m using a font set that has all the accents for the vowels… there’s supposed to be 60+ versions for all the vowels… and the dumb font set is missing 7!! Argh. Imagine trying to type and trying to find all the vowels under option & option/shift. Keycaps and written notes of where the keys are help, but still…

Anyway, hope to post more next week.

whew. Things have been hectic here. Relatives have been in and out within the past 2 weeks. Now that little J is a little older, my office has also become the guest room so when we have people here, I get limited time on my computer. Boy, do I rely on my computer. More so than Ilike to be. Hopefully soon when I’m all caught up I can put up some new products and change the home page.

Without my computer, I worked on inventory and something totally unrelated at night… remember the vietnamese movie I was ‘almost’ in… well long story but I ended up being it afterall. [I almost didn’t make it as it took me almost 2 hrs to drive to Beverly Hills for the scene that day. Holy traffic accidents that day]… Anyway, there’s going to be English subtitles, so I’m the one making sure the English matches to the Vietnamese dialog since it’s veered off from the original script alot. it’s time-consuming but I kinda like doing it. Maybe I’ll do a screen capture of my ‘blink-and-you-miss-me’ scene. ha. Who knows… I could be edited out in the final. Anyway, more later since i still have lots of catching up to do.

Thanks to Marie for having a blog called WAHM Spotlight which features something new each day of the week. This Friday’s feature is paper goods and my little Squirt card is one of the items featured there today.

Visit WAHM Spotlight to see more featured paper goods as well as more neat products made by WAHMs like myself. Thanks again, Marie! 🙂

I’ve heard of for a long time now and I just recently joined. I suppose it’s a FREE way to get some traffic. I was afraid that I’d be bombarded with ’empty’ hits but it’s not that bad. I’m still playing around with it and figuring it out but it seems like a nice network option or time waster 🙂

Speaking of time wasters, we don’t have cable anymore. Poof it’s gone. Oh well it was a freebie anyway. Cableman forgot to put a filter on or something because one day we had cable, and we weren’t going to tell them to disconnect 8-). They must’ve caught on because it went the way it came… suddenly. Bad timing too. The fall season of Grey’s Anatomy is going to start soon. I’m okay with not able to see reality tv shows because I can look them up on the net… but it’s not the same with a tv drama. Darn. Boo!

A few people wondered about the paper cutter in my previous post so I’ll elaborate here. The brand is a Dahle 552 and I got it on good old eBay for $100 a year ago. There are a few sellers who have them but I didn’t see my seller… but their direct website is This cutter takes up a good amount of space! Had I known better, I’d have gotten the 550 model with a 14-inch cut edge instead of the 20-inch cut edge I have now. (Probably because the seller didn’t have that model) I suppose I can cut wrapping paper nicely 🙂

It only cuts a few sheets at a time… I don’t do much more than 3 thick cardstocks at once. If you cut lots, try researching the QCM-1200E… now there’s a cutter! I read some good things about it on the old Paperpreneurs forum.

I also considered these:
Genesis Trimmer (wait was too long, it’s handmade wow), and Keencut
It came down to price and I chose the Dahle and I’m pretty happy with it.
(hehe now I’ll probably get some search phrases for [skin] cutters. ha)

My first tool of the trade is obviously my Mac with all its programs. But I want to give props to my Dahle paper cutter.
It cuts accurate straight lines and has a self-sharpening blade. Because of it, I don’t have to use my X-acto knife anymore! What a life-saver because I cut a lot of paper!

I’m interested to see some clever tools that others use on this week’s Studio Friday!

ETA: haha I used “interested” and “interesting” in the same sentence so I had to go back and revise my adjective.

I finally figured out how to use Bloglines. Duh. I’ve been so busy and not really reading that many blogs anymore (one of my sources to the outside world :)). I have them bookmarked and used to click on a site one by one and it got time-consuming. Bloglines used to confuse me because it looked like I was starting another blog which I don’t want. Just the other day I found the “ADD” button and presto! It’s so cool. Now I don’t have to go to every site anymore to see if it’s been updated.

I’m also proud of myself for being able to set up a newsletter sign-up thru PHPlist. And it’s FREE!! I couldn’t have figured it out without the help of Caitlin’s site though. Without her tutorial, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. That stuff’s all foreign to me.

So even though I cursed and pouted while I was building my website… I think it helped me to not be afraid of codes and things related to html. That said though, if I had the money I’d probably still want to hire someone to build my site 😎

Thank you Andrea at Dreams and Jewelry for mentioning the Blue Bird card on your blog.
Andrea writes about her jewelry and gives other designers sweet little mentions 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend!

My son loves Thomas the Train… looks like that will be a good portion of how I spend the day off. (Although, you really don’t get a day off as a parent.) My son is almost 2 but he looks older than that here. Maybe it’s because his head is shaped like an alien. 🙂

See more blind contour participants at Inkfinger.

How do I break free of the “artist’s block?” I try to find other visual stimulation… whether it’s taking a stroll outside or go shopping! 🙂

These days with a toddler though, the most convenient way for me is to look at a bunch of magazines. They’re always readily available and I happen to have a pile of them. (Have I mentioned I can amass many piles of just stuff?! Gotta break that habit!)

Check out Studio Friday to see what breaks other’s of their ‘artist block’.