“…..who everyone takes their inspiration from – an artist of traditional media, multimedia, craft world, living or dead…..”

“Bluejay Bathing” by Charles Harper

It was really difficult to think who I’m inspired by. There are so many artists in history whose work I “ooh” and “aah” over. After mulling it over I find that I’m consistently drawn to mid-century modernism. I just love the simplicity and clean lines of that era. One particular artist that I think of is Charles Harper. What a guy: he’s in his 80s and still producing work! I love his prints… the whimsical design, his use of color and negative space. Seeing his work makes me want to learn how to screenprint or break out my block printing supplies again.

See more of his work here.

Maybe I chose Charles Harper as an inspiration because deep inside I have urges to try some screen/block printing. 🙂

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