but we’re about to cave in on getting a car. Since January we’ve had one car and it’s been okay. We really like having the extra space in the garage although we’re doing nothing with it. Just nice to know it’s there.

Lately it’s been pretty tough waking up to drive my husband to work. I only take him 2-3 days, but it seems like he’s leaving earlier and earlier LOL. We leave by 6:45 and at get there by 7am (but nobody at his work really shows up till 9am). I keep asking the same question “why do we have to leave so early??”. Hahaha at his old job, my husband used to get to work by 9:30 and leave at 3:00… so this is definitely a 180 for him. I guess it’s because he has a family now. heh

His last job he had a company car, so we sold one of our cars because in our neighborhood, you can’t park your car in the street. Such a dumb rule, but whatever.

There’s a few people who are thinking of selling their cars but then when we talk to them… it’s like “well… let me put another 15K miles on my car”. ahh well.

Anyway, he is asking a friend who has car dealership connections to see if we can get a good price. The conversation made me chuckle.
husband: …so can you run a few numbers for me?
friend: dude, what’s wrong with you. You want numbers on a corolla and a BMW?
husband: (kiddingly) yeah, and before i forget … a bike!
friend: why don’t you just get a Mercedes?

Riiiiiight a Mercedes. LOL. I wondered what happened to us trying to get a super cheapie car? That was the 1st I heard about a German car. As for me, I was trying to hold out till the hybrids get affordable. I bet once we buy a car, there’ll be friends finally wanting to sell their car.

I know this post seems like it has NOTHING to do with paper… but if we did have a car, I think I might be able to visit vendors or look for supplies. So it kind of relates… Plus having a car might make me feel less nuts about feeling cooped up in the house. 😎