You are going to live on this absolutely amazing island with stunning surroundings, a white beach, magnificent trees, waterfalls, no poisonous insect on it (hahaha, so no spiders or ugly thingies)…it’s a real paradise this island. Rich in food and water as well, so no worries on that front either.

You are allowed to bring only three items from your studio.
Now: what would they be and what would you do with them and what do you imagine you might create????

(I’m assuming that I have my husband and son with me on the island too. I’m also assuming that I will return home at some point.)
I’d be bringing my camera. Gotta capture those memories. I’ll also be sure that I have a super-duper long lasting battery and huge memory stick in there. 😎
Second, I’d be bringing my sketchbook with pencil attached to it. I don’t sketch nearly enough, if at all these days.
Third item I’d be bringing is my linoleum block cutter. I’ve been wanting to do block prints in forever. I know I can’t bring inks since it’d be more than 3 things. BUT… on an island full of trees I’ll figure out a way to make wood blocks from those trees. I can carve images on the blocks or maybe find some hard thick bark (I can dream) then bring those home and make really pretty prints! 🙂

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