I almost didn’t do this week’s Studio Friday CREATIVE ROOTS (my mom). After reading several inspiring posts, I had to write about my mom.
In my mom’s era and in a different culture, art and creativity were not considered important. But my mom showed her crafty skills by making all my school uniforms. I had several because I remember some schoolmates making comments like “another dress again??” LOL. One time a girl who sat behind me, thought I had too many dresses so she flicked black ink from her quill pen all over the back of my white uniform!! Oh well… my mom just made another one. 🙂

In the US, when I was 9 my class had a contest on drawing a flag and my mom “helped” me. (She drew it.) We got 3rd place (I’m sure the teacher knew I didn’t draw it). But to this day, I can’t believe how well my mom can draw even though I’ve never seen her do it. Many times I wonder if my mom had grown up in a different time or culture how far she could’ve taken her skills or what she would be doing now. So this post is for my mom.

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