I had mentioned before that there was a group of girls who started a babysitting business called “The babysitter’s club” in my neighborhood. Too cute. A few months back, they came by and gave us a flyer of their services.

I decided I want to test them out to see how they are. If they do work out, it’d be great for *when* I have to fill orders, design or maybe do a quick errand. I called about 4 numbers on the flyer and I got what sounded like an 7-yr-old saying “oh I’m helping my aunt clean right now I promise to call right back” (they never called back), a VM with rap music, another VM that really didn’t make me want to leave a message, and a hang up after I asked if they still have the “babysitter’s club”. Well so much for young entrepreneurship. I was so proud of them too… walking door to door with such a convincing speech. Ehh what was I expecting? They’re just kids.

Sigh… how disappointing, they were kind of like a light at the end of the tunnel for when I need a break. Hmm… now I gotta look for plan B, whatever that is. Looks like it’s gonna be just me in the daytime for a while.