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This is the 1st time I was able to participate in Studio Friday. This week’s topic is “Music to my ears”. I have 2, one that stays put and the other is a walking sound machine.

The 1st one – I listen to podcasts or whatever I have on iTunes:

The 2nd one – I get songs in different versions all the time from this one:

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One of the pages I have left to do on the website is the index page. It’s the most difficult… once people get there, I don’t want them to leave. It’s like “please stay and looook around!!!!!!!!!!” So… working on something that looks decent and would work with the rest of the site. Hmmm…………..

Well my sister made it through today. Whew! That means tomorrow she’s gonna drive herself and husband to hospital. My mom will watch her kids. Boy, I don’t know anyone who has 5 kids. Speaking of kids, we should work on a sibling for Little J. heh

…for the 5th time! We’re on baby watch over here: my little sister is scheduled for Friday (that was 1st available date) but her doctor said it could happen today or tomorrow. We’re kind of nervous because it’d be hard for her to get to the hospital so I’ll be the one to take her (and I have a son too so it’ll be kinda hectic). Her husband can’t see so he can’t drive and then there are the 4 kiddies!! That means her husband will watch the kids and won’t be able to be there unless I can leave her at the hospital, pick up my husband to watch the kids and then drive her husband to the hospital. Yikes what if she’d had the baby by then. We’re hoping to see if my mom can take vacation a day earlier.

My sister drove herself the last 2 times so she’s hoping she’ll be able to do the same this time. She insists on it 🙂 unless she’s in labor or something!

We’re hoping things will happen as scheduled, since my mom has vacation starting Friday. But we’ll just see what happens! Yes, after this 5th child she’s all done 🙂

Woah, I just transferred everything over from my old blog home and I think it worked. Still not officially at WordPress yet because I’m still ‘exploring’ the dashboard and organizing everything. I guess in a way it’s good that I never posted much before LOL!!

I think you can’t customize too much unless you host your WordPress blog on your website. With the template I have now, I can change the header. That’ll be for another day… I already felt like I did alot by transferring my posts over. Ha! No really, I just want to limit my time playing because I should do other productive things while Little J is napping 🙂 🙂

It’s been so hot lately. It’s always hot in July but this year it seems hotter. To top it off, we’ve all been sick. I think I got it worse than Little J and hubby. Nothing worse than being sick in a heat wave.

Nothing happening much on the stationery business side of things. Just prepping and finishing everything up. After I have everything in place… I’m considering a move of this blog. Most likely to wordpress. It’s still free and you get to have categories. Yay!!! Not sure how much difference that’ll make in encouraging me to blog more, but… I just like that it has categories, that way everything can be in its place. That’s funny coming from me because I’m a slob. An organized slob. My husband always tells me I have so many piles. Wherever there’s a flat area, there’s a pile. LOL

This is the first time I’m able to finish something on time to participate in Inkfinger’s Blind Contour 1st Friday.
If you can’t tell what it is, that’s a rooftop against a SKY (this month’s theme). Color was added because it just looks better. 🙂

I have on my website that the shop would be open late summer. yikes!

I had to give myself a deadline so I can hurry up and finish. I want to design again and get on with life. Right now finishing up the shop is like something looming over my head. No more wondering ‘will they buy it?’ or ‘is it good enough?’ Well despite myself, I managed to be about half way done. My next step is to take photos of the enclosure cards… I got so burnt out with taking pics of the greeting cards that I procrastinated. Photos are always a big hurdle, but it will get done.

Mostly just icky stuff on the ‘to-do’ list remains.