I’m going to take a small break so I can concentrate on building an online site. I don’t post that much anyway so it won’t even seem like a break. LOL. There’s a few cool (& cheap :-D) places I’d like to try advertising with or promoting with… but it just seems like a waste of effort if they are retail customers and they can’t buy if they come to the website. So… taking matters in my own hands… not waiting on stores, not waiting on reps… I’ll just change my focus, and hope for the best.

Things in the greeting card business is slow and some things are up in the air. I worry when someone has my info and pdf catalog and then doesn’t get back to me unless I contact them. Are they competitors pretending to be a rep? Maybe I was too gullible… But I did ask for references. Ehhh I’d like to believe in the good of people and I’ll assume they are just putting stuff together to present. Hmmm… guess I’ll have to wait and see.