We’ve been back and well-rested from our little getaway to Nevada. We had a great time visiting with husband’s family but it sure is good to be back home. I was able to get about 8-9 hours of sleep most days (that includes a nap) but I still felt beat. Maybe it was the heat, altho the weather was pretty mild. Maybe it was the lack of humidity.

Everytime we go to the Vegas area, we always think… ‘damn, we can sell our house in CA and get one there and not have to work (for a while).’ But… my family and most our friends are here. Plus the weather is nicer in CA. The thought of financial freedom makes it sooo tempting. Sure we daydream about it, then when it does get hot and we walk out into a furnace of 105 degrees we’re brought back to reality.

From where we were, we can see the entire strip. It doesn’t translate well into pictures, but this is a partial view.