I’m coming up for air. It’s like everybody I know just had a birthday. In the past 4 weeks there’s been 8 birthdays, mine & husband included, and 3 for mother’s day… just one more birthday which is my dad’s and I’ll be good for a while. Sheesh. I need to make new friends who aren’t born in April or May! LOL

I finished up client’s order of cards. Goodness I know why handmade cards should be priced accordingly because they take lots of time. There’s not too much I can do except make sure to keep some stock just in case. I don’t have to worry about that for now because I’m such a chicksh*t when it comes to approaching stores. HA! Just mainly concentrating on prepping samples to send out to stores and a few trade magazines. We’ll see what happens. Things move pretty slow when there’s a toddler around but mainly because I’ve got no skills in sales and chicken about it to boot. HA.

Wow this weekend the NSS starts. Soooo excited for all the paper people out there. Someday… someday!
I hope everybody has a great show. There’s so much talent out there.