Yay. Today was the last of the doctor appointments. Well, it was actually the dentist but they are doctors afterall. I’ve been really bad about flossing so a few days before the appointment, I floss diligently and hope they don’t ask me about it. I was told I have healthy gums and everything looks great. Whew. I got a new crown put in and was good to go. This counted as my outing for the day. Sad. LOL.

I’ve been procrastinating about the website. What did I do when I was procrastinating? Reading forums about the show 24. I’ve never done this but I’ve gotten obsessed with the show and I wanted to be with like company. There’s only another 6 episodes left so then I won’t need to do that anymore. Alias has started its last season tonight. It was once a good show, hopefully the final season will be good.

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I swear I’m busy.