they kill me sometimes. I’m gonna get depressed for a minute here. I went to Target for last minute Easter stuff and I perused their card section. Normally I kind of avoid it but some cute cards with fabric on it caught my eye. They have some of the most adorable cards! There’s tons that look really elaborate if you were to do it by hand, and they were all reasonably priced. *sigh* Awhile ago I would’ve felt why do I bother making cards. But now I just think: mine are cute too and I’m not aspiring to be in Target. 🙂

At least with greeting cards there’s not a huge price gap between chain store cards and boutique/indie design type cards. Most of the time, the price difference is a few dollars. Sure, there’s cards out there for $50 a card, but that’s so few. It’s not like fashion where a dress could be $20 in a chain store versus $500 by a designer. Yikes.

Anyway, today my mom has the day off so she watched Little J. I wish I was able to do more creative stuff but I had to go to the doctors. I’ve had a doctor’s appt once a week for the past 5 weeks. Geez I guess getting older is high maintenance. Plus I’m one of those people who (sorry TMI) never know when Aunt Flo’s coming or if she’s coming. I think Little J is a miracle. But thank goodness, after today, healthwise I seem to be *normal*. One more dentist appoint next week and then I’m done with doctors for a while… Unless… we want to have another little one soon, then I go back and see what options we have. I think we’ll see where nature takes us and hope for another little miracle.

I’ve been neglecting the website because I’ve been having too much fun making cards. It makes me feel kind of crafty. I really like working with my hands, I wish I had more time. I’m looking at shopping carts again and really interested in the Zen Cart. I had my mind on Mals-e since it’s something I could handle but Zen just seems to have more options. Reading about Zen and php and ssl and and and…. makes me want to cry… or do something unrelated like go look at a celebrity blog. hehe. I don’t know what happened to my brain. When it comes time for a retail site, I’m leaning towards hiring someone if I go with Zen especially if I want to customize. First things first, I still need to finish catalog, preliminary website and I still have to reshoot the product photos.

To end on a good note, the client I did CD design for, wants to order some cards. Yay.