This weekend I went to a film audition. A friend of my husband’s is making an Asian movie… more like a movie for the Asian community. Since I’m bilingual I was asked to participate/help out. I thought I knew what to expect… but then I wondered is this for a role? is it for a voice dub? It turned out we had to kinda “act” in front of the camera. Crap. I’m all for helping hubby’s friend but this is kind of embarrassing.

I get my Vietnamese lines and I REALLY have to study it because in front of strangers, it feels foreign. Anyway there’s a really cute girl who looked like she’s studying the lines too. I asked her ‘Do you go to these things alot?”
Girl: “You mean auditions? …yeah”
Me: “Oh, are you an actress?”
Girl: (shyly)”… mmm yeah, you could say that. Usually it’s English speaking, it’s very rare that I get called for this.”
(I was trying to size up the situation here)

Anyway, I read my lines with 2 guys. 1st guy… he was so nervous but he was able to get thru his lines.
The 2nd guy… it was hilarious. The director had us read in English (yay!) and the 2nd guy could BARELY read his lines. Poor guy. So the director told us to switch to Vietnamese. The guy said he can’t read Vietnamese. (Who told him to come down? LOL) It’s not his native language and neither is English. The director asks what his native language was and 2nd guy says Laos and French. So anyway we finished up reading in Vietnamese. LOL

How did I do? Oh I sucked and I was nervous. But I must not have sucked that bad if I was asked to stay to read a couple of times. In my opinion I sucked… but I really thought it was fun. Embarrassing but fun. It’s really hard to ‘act’ like I have the hots for this guy I’m talking with when the ‘actor’ can’t read his lines and I could barely understand him. heeheehee

As for the girl I spoke to earlier… she read with a few guys too. All the guys got sent home after one take.

On my way out, I talked to hubby’s friend. He thanks me for coming down to help them out. He wants me to be involved in one way or another, with a role or behind the scenes. (He always says stuff like this so it’s not like I’ll be given anything.) I told him it’d be cool if I had a teeny tiny role with 2 lines. This is faaaarrr from any Hollywood production but it would be NEATO to see how everything works and come together. I’m hoping everything works out for him and anyone else behind it.
To update on the ‘2 lines’ post… there was a scene I was supposed to
be in and I was going to have about 10 lines. I was so excited because
I get to share the scene with the lead actor.
He’s a totally cool guy and I think he might be known in Canada?
Anyway… I never got to do the scene because they hadn’t scheduled
it… but one morning the film crew called because there was an emergency: one of the actresses was in a car accident and won’t be able to do the scheduled scene. They had to scramble and put other scenes together for filming, since the crew was already there. My contact called me at 8am and talked to my husband… “if she wants to be in the movie she has to be here now.” I was sleeping (i get to sleep in on weekends while DH watches our son) so that’s what my husband told the contact. (My contact also happens to be my husband’s childhood friend so that’s why he felt comfortable with him). Anyway I wasn’t told till hours later and until now I was too sad to even bother writing an update. 😦 😦
They ended up using someone who didn’t speak Vietnamese for the scene
was the last I heard. Anyway, it’s been a while now and I’m kinda over it. Kinda.