I don’t do as much as I like, but I like blogging. I didn’t think I’d keep it up this long. Although the things I write are pretty mundane, it helps me feel like I have a voice. Since being a mom, I’ve been home and don’t talk much to people anymore. Except for my sister who has 4 kids (one more on the way), none of my close friends have any kids. So no one really ‘gets it’. LOL.

Anyway, blogging is a bit of therapy and it helps me look at where I’m at with starting a biz. I’ve done more in the past 7 months about the paper biz than I have in the past 3+ years of planning for it. I think I took action at the most difficult time… when my son started to become mobile. What made me think I wasn’t going to be chasing him around? LOL Anyway I’m going at slower than a snail’s pace, but at least I’m going.

So right now it’s website building time. Ok, without having to deal with a shopping cart, it’s easier. But I still have to deal with that eventually. Depending on how sane I am at that point, I might hire someone. I think it’s fear of giving control to someone else, I don’t know. Right now though, I’m having a hell of a time shooting the cards. I want to photograph them because they are embellished. We’ll see what happens after I play with the camera settings and lighting a bit more. Photoshop can only do so much.