I told Freelance company I don’t want to do work for them anymore.

A few days ago I get a phone call. It’s a rush fix that needs to be done. I said I’ll do it when I get back since I’m on my way to an appointment.
Freelance co: No, it needs to be done now.
Me: No, I’m on my way out. I’ll be back in 2 hours I’ll do it then.
Freelance: No, we wouldn’t call if we didn’t need it asap. Can you just hear us out and see if it’s something you can do?
Me: (silence…..) ok what is it?
Freelance: It’s just changing one word from XXXX to Xxxx.
Me: (i’m such a sucker) That’s fine if that’s all it is… I don’t think I have that file though.
Freelance: we’ll get you the file. We’re gonna have “Dorothy” send it over now.

I go to the computer while hoping Little J keeps being interested in Baby Einstein. Then I thought, if they have the file why can’t they do it? I call back and said: Why don’t you just make the change if you have the file?
Freelance co: …. (calls in Dorothy)
Dorothy: I can’t put in form fields.
Me: If you have the file you don’t need me.
Dorothy: But you have to put in the form fields.
Me: What do you mean? There’s no form fields on that page.
Freelance co talking amongst themselves, then: ok, byyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!

Wow! LOL
Anyway… a few days later when I get a change for a job from 4 months ago I asked Freelance Co. to not send more jobs (not that I’ve been getting much). Pretty painless. But they did ask if that meant all jobs. Ummm… yes. LOL

I’m going to put the energy that I spent there, elsewhere. heh