Now I’m back to working on the website again. I’m not very familiar with Dreamweaver so if I don’t work on it for a month or more, I forget how everything works. I’m a print girl so I have to switch my thinking when it comes to web. I’m going to get an informative site first while I try to do the shopping cart thingie. We’ll see how it all goes. I wish there was 2 of me!

Totally off topic but…. There’s been 3 instances when I’ve gone to pick up my husband and I find myself driving behind or next to my very first boyfriend’s parents. I could tell their car anywhere because it’s like a 1965 model or something. The first time it was like “woah that’s J’s dad and they still have the same car!” The 2nd time it was his dad and mom in the car, I almost rolled down my window and yelled “Hi Mrs. Dxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!” but I didn’t want to give her a heart attack. Plus it might seem awkward. I’m thinking his dad might work at one of the churches in my area.

So strange to get a glimpse of them after all these years. Last I heard of the exboyfriend was around the time of our 10-year HS reunion. I ran into his sister and wondered if he was going. She said he was married and studying graphic design. Graphic design!? Funny when I went to college, he used to sit in on my classes and fall asleep. He worked graveyard so he could go to my classes to keep an eye on me. LOL He was never interested in design but funny that he ended up studying it. Hopefully he’s doing something with it. Anyway, it’s bizarre that I’ve been less than 10 feet away from his parents with the past 2 months.